Warehouse Inspection Guidelines Report

February 11, 2024 - In Guidelines

The Report provides guidelines for the empanelment of inspection agencies and inspection of warehouses by the Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA) in India.

The Report covers the following aspects:

  1. Objectives and Definitions:

– The Report explains the purpose and scope of the guidelines, and defines the key terms and concepts used in it.

– It provides clarity on terms such as “Act,” “applicant,” “Authority,” “authorisation letter,” and more.

  1. Authorisation and Empanelment:

– The Report specifies the requirements and procedures for obtaining authorisation from the Authority to conduct inspections.

– It outlines the steps for applying and getting empanelled as an inspection agency.

  1. Inspection Procedures and Obligations:

– The Report lays down common inspection procedures for warehouses registered with the Authority.

– It outlines the rights and obligations of inspection agencies, warehousemen, and the Authority during the inspection process.

  1. Payment and Costs:

– The Report details the payment of fees by the Authority to the inspection agency for conducting inspections.

– It explains the circumstances under which the warehouseman may bear the cost of inspection.

  1. Suspension, Cancellation, and Surrender:

– The Report describes the grounds and process for suspension, cancellation, and surrender of empanelment of inspection agencies.

– It covers the effects of such actions and the appeal process.

  1. Schedules:

– The Report includes schedules that provide formats and criteria for application, eligibility, payment, inspection, and grievance redressal.

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