Logistics ease across different states (LEADS) 2022

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Logistics ease across different states (LEADS) 2022


The Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) 2022 report assesses the logistics efficiency in each Indian state based on user and stakeholder perceptions.

Here are the key points:

1. Objective and Ranking

  • LEADS aims to create a well-integrated logistics network in India.
  • The report ranks states based on their logistics ecosystem efficiency.
  • It highlights challenges faced by stakeholders and provides recommendations.
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2. Infrastructure and Challenges:

  • The study focuses on infrastructure quality and availability within states, covering warehouses, terminal services, EXIM infrastructure, and operational SEZs.
  • Responses are collected on policy, institutional framework, warehousing, smart enforcement, city logistics, and working conditions of truck drivers.
  • States are evaluated based on actions taken against recommendations from the LEADS 2019 report.

3. Previous Reports:

  • LEADS 2019 analyzed domestic and EXIM logistics networks, identifying critical gaps and inefficiencies.
  • The LEADS Index was created using indicators related to infrastructure, processes, and regulatory frameworks.
  • LEADS 2018 focused on EXIM to enhance international competitiveness and value chains.

The LEADS report plays a crucial role in measuring state logistics performance and promoting exports and economic growth.

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